Manage Data Usage with Smart Play APK

Manage Data Usage with Smart Play APK

In this article you will learn all strategies and tricks to save your bandwidth and data usage while using smart Play APK. It is important for streaming apps` lover to save data if you are on limited data plan. This app is providing unlimited entertainment whether updated movies, political shows, business talks or fashion industry. Smart Play APK has so much features that users forget about bandwidth and they feel loss in the entertainment world. During this feeling their data package become finished leaving users sad. So, our plan is to provide you data consumption tricks which will allow users to stay with this app for more time. If entertainment has boundaries or time limit users get discourage. Therefore, we are trying our best to provide you best available practices to increase your entertainment time.

Understanding Bandwidth and Data Usage

As this article is about saving MBS in your data package so it is compulsory for users to understand both concepts clearly. One is Bandwidth and other is data usage as we are providing strategies to save both of these.

  1. Bandwidth: If you are using any live streaming app there is greater chance that that app uses more bandwidth then normally. According to data communication bandwidth refers to the maximum rate at which you can download data from the internet.
  2. Data Usage:  It is measure in GB (Gigabytes) and it is the amount of data consumed on your internet connection in specific time.

As now you can understand both terminologies and can become able to differentiate between them so now come to the main topic. It is useful to reduce bandwidth and data usage while using any app. If you are using low data package then it become impossible to enjoy that specific app. As this app is famous in Brazil so people want to enjoy this Smart Play APK more with less data usage.

According to an estimate in Brazil if you stream High Definition (HD) videos for one hour it will consume 3 GBs while if you stream Ultra High Definition (UHD) for one hour then it will consume 7 GB per hour. You know it is difficult for everyone to use such large amount of data while using this APK. Therefore, it is essential to save data as much as possible but by not compromising on quality of videos.

If you are interested in saving data usage tips then continue reading our article. After reading this article you can become able to save your data while using this APK.

Tips for Managing Bandwidth and Data Usage

Following is the list of tips which you can apply to manage your bandwidth and data effectively:

Adjust Streaming Quality

Nodoubt everybody wants UHD videos but if you are on limited data package you should adjust streaming accordingly. Use the following settings for adjusting Streaming:

  • Open Smart Play APK settings menu.
  • Click on video quality settings
  • From these settings you can choose 480p or 720p instead of 1080p or 4k.

This step will reduce your data consumption without too much compromising on quality of videos.

Enable Data Saver Mode

Another classic feature of Smart Play APK is data saver mode. You can turn off or on from settings. You can use the following settings to turn on data saver mode:

  • First go to the APK settings and search for data saver or bandwidth management option.
  • Enable data saver mode to ON and this will automatically adjust videos streaming quality based on your internet speed and data plan.

By enabling this option, you have two benefits one is you don’t worry about excessive data consumption and also speed of your streaming.

Download Content for Offline Viewing

Can you imagine your terrible condition in an area where there are poor internet signals? And you are alone and feeling bore and can’t use Smart Play APK? I can understand your condition because recently I feel same condition and I get very frustrated. So, I decide to write this whole article and especially this point. I always prefer to save my favorite movies and shows for offline view. This helps me to entertain myself where internet connection is poor and it also saves a lot of data.

Use the following steps to save your favorite movies and talk shows for offline view:

  • Select your favorite content that you want to download.
  • Choose lower resolution so that your data package can be used effectively then click on download.
  • If possible, use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data and this will save your data package.

Monitor Your Data Usage

You can track your data plan usage in the Smart Play APK and many smart phones have built in option for this tracking. But if your mobile phone doesn’t have this option, you can download any third-party app. You can keep track of this data usage using following steps:

  • Use your smart phone`s app to track data usage and even you can set limit for this usage.
  • You can set alerts when your data limit is going to end

Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Availability of Wi-Fi in public places in Brazil country is a little but difficult but in many public markets it is available. The main benefit of Wi-Fi is that it can save you mobile data and improve speed of streaming. You can download movies and talk shows while using Wi-Fi and can watch later options. Public Wi-Fi speed may be reduced due to excessive users and connection with public network is less secure. You can secure your privacy if you are using personal Wi-Fi and also enjoy uninterrupted streaming experience.

Schedule Streaming During Off-Peak Hours

In Brazil many ISPs offer unlimited data downloads in off-peak hours. Always check your data providers who are offering cheap data rates in limited hours and try to take benefit from such offers. You can schedule your downloads and heavy streaming during these off-peak hours. You can watch UHD videos in such limited hours, this will save your data.

Limit Background Data Usage

Do you know that background apps and processes always consume your data and you don’t even realize it? Here I will tell you how you can save you data:

  • Disable background data for apps you don’t need running all the time.
  • On Android, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage > Data Saver and turn it on.
  • On iOS, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn it off for non-essential apps.

Use a VPN with Data Compression

There are some VPNs in the market which offers data compression so try to find VPNs for your specific city in Brazil. This VPN can save your data and you can use that data while streaming. Another benefit of such VPNs is that you can bypass limits embedded by your ISP. This type of VPN also provided extra security layer to hide yourself.

You can download latest version of Smart Play APK.


It is not difficult to manage your data usage and bandwidth and it is useful step in Smart Play APK. You can adjust streaming limit, turning ON data saver modes, downloading content for offline view and usage of Wi-Fi can increase data limits and your entertainment time on this APK. Even you have choice to track data usage and this will warn you about data usage and peak hours’ time.

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